What is CTP Green Slip insurance and how does it work?

In NSW, Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP), also known as a greenslip, is an essential part of car ownership. Read our quick and easy guide to learn more about it.

What is a CTP Green Slip?

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) or ‘CTP Greenslip insurance’ is a mandatory personal injury insurance that’s needed to register your car in NSW. CTP protects the other person if you are involved in a car or motor vehicle accident by covering their medical bills, lost earnings, or (in a serious case) ongoing care.

Why do I need a CTP Green Slip?

A greenslip pays compensation to the third party that is injured in a road accident involving you. It protects you from expensive claims that may arise from the incident, like medical bills.

A greenslip is compulsory in NSW, and you cannot register your car without one.

Does CTP cover my injuries?

Compulsory Third Party CTP Insurance provides cover for the injured party's medical costs, lost earnings or, in more serious cases, ongoing care. CTP may also cover costs arising from your personal injuries, if you're at fault.#

Does CTP cover damage to another person’s car?

No, Compulsory Third Party Insurance does not cover damage to another person’s car in an accident, it only covers the injuries or death. To cover damage for a third party vehicle or your own, you need car insurance.

Do I need other insurance besides CTP?

If you’re uninsured and damage another person’s car in an accident, you’re liable to pay the upfront costs to repair it. It’s always best to take out other car insurance to ensure you’re protected. Woolworths Insurance offers a range of car insurance policies, including:

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How do I get CTP Green Slip insurance?

In NSW, you can choose your own CTP Green Slip Insurer. You can compare green slip quotes and choose the one that works best for you.

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# If you are charged with a serious driving offence, you may not be eligible for compensation. Visit SIRA NSW for more details.

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