Anthony Baraya

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13 Apr 2015

The Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Dogs are amazing pets not only because of their uncompromising loyalty, but also for their affection and adorableness. If you are looking to buy or adopt a dog and want an affectionate breed that will fit in with your family, these doting dog breeds are worth considering.


Despite their intimidating looks, bulldogs are gentle, sweet-natured and very good with children. Bulldogs love being close to people and can also be very protective of their families. Pups are playful and energetic but will become calmer as they mature. They will seek attention from their owners and love to be a part of the family, so if you’re considering a bulldog make sure you have enough time and energy to care for them. This is especially important because this breed is prone to health problems if they don’t get enough exercise.


Beagles are more on the lap dog scale of affection. They enjoy being spoiled with attention by their masters. They are mild-tempered, preferring to use their energy on playing and hunting. Beagles are hunters by nature with a keen sense of smell, so they require stimulation and socialisation and do not like to be left alone. Beagles love to explore, and if you leave them unmonitored they may be prone to wandering off. They’re adept at digging and climbing, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them when they’re outside.


Here’s a breed that’s loved by many, especially those with limited space in their home but who want the loving loyalty of a pooch.  These dogs are very sweet to their owners, but may not be as nice to people they don’t know. They will keep you company and won’t demand too much from you, however, as is with the nature of many dogs, they will get bored if left on their own for too long. It’s important to take them on regular walks, especially if you have a small apartment space.

Labrador Retriever

If you’re less interested in a lap dog but still want a dog that will let you spoil them with affection, Labrador Retrievers are a great breed to consider. They’re very energetic and need plenty of exercise so you need to be able to provide the time to give them the exercise they require and, ideally, a reasonable sized yard. Fetching games, frequent trips to the beach or park with plenty of running and interaction – not just a quick walk around the block – need to be part of their regular care. This breed’s energy levels make them perfect for children of all ages, just make sure they have plenty of toys to chew on because they have a tendency to chew on objects that you may not want chewed. This dog is intelligent and once trained is an obedient, loyal member of the family.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon is a loving dog with a cheeky side. Their characteristic white fluffy fur and baby face are appealing to those looking for a small, gentle dog that isn’t going to shed a lot of fur. It is important to note that Bichons can bark a lot (particularly when left alone) and if not socialised properly when young, tend to be quite shy. You may also need to groom this one to ensure it has a nice even coat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the most sweet and gentle dog breeds, the Cavalier loves to cuddle and enjoys the company of others. Like many of the other breeds mentioned, this pup doesn’t like to be left alone and will definitely engage in destructive behaviour if left to its own devices. This breed has a sweet and innocent appearance, making it perfect for a family with children. They enjoy chasing things, so make sure you keep an eye on them while in the park and keep your yard well-fenced at all times. If you are out of the house for long periods, providing a squeaky toy to play with is a good idea.