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16 Apr 2015

Australias most Popular Cat Breeds

With over 2 million more pets in this country than there are people, it’s fair to say that Australia is pet crazy. We have always had a close affiliation with our feline friends, a fact supported by over 3.3million registered cats and 2.3 million cat owning households according to a recent report by Animal Health Alliance.

Deciding which cat breed is best for you is really a matter of circumstance, lifestyle, and, of course, opinion. Most breeds have specific traits that make choosing one to suit your own personality and lifestyle a little easier.

To help you decide which breed could be right for you and your family we have compiled a list of ten popular breeds of cats with some of the basic characteristics and personality traits that make them unique.

1. Ragdoll cat

The name “Ragdoll” comes from the way these cats tend to go limp and relaxed when you pick them up. They are very gentle, easy-going and affectionate making them one of the most perfect family cats, perfect for any home, big and small. This breed has blue eyes and a distinct coat and has only grown in popularity over the years.

2. Persian cat

The Persian has always been a popular breed with families because of the love and devotion it shows its owners. Characterised by a squashed rounded face, the Persian cat is also a high maintenance pet, requiring regular grooming. Persians are very devoted and will be your friend for life.

3. Siamese cat

One of the most recognisable breeds, the Siamese cat is characterised by an inquisitive and intelligent nature coupled with a desire to never be alone. A Siamese cat is an affectionate companion who likes to be cuddled, and will let you know in a quite distinct voice whether that affection is adequate or not.

4. Burmese cat

The Burmese, like the Siamese, has a smooth and shiny short haired coat that requires no additional grooming. Burmese cats tend to be vocal and they can really bond and trust their owners. Their warm nature and high intelligence make them a great choice as a family pet.

5. Tabby cat    

Also known as the domestic shorthair or ‘moggie’, the tabby cat is the most common breed of cat found in Australia. Unlike all the pedigree cats in this list, the tabby has no defined lineage and as such is one of the most diverse groupings of cats – with personalities as wild and varied as the coats they come in.

6. Abyssinian cat

One of the most popular breeds of cat in the United States, the Abyssinian has grown in popularity in Australia due to its short and easy to manage coat and their active and playful nature. The Abyssinian breed is definitely a people cat which makes it a very affectionate companion.

7. Birman cat

Also known as the long haired Siamese, the Burmese cat carries itself with the same poise as a Siamese without the vocal performances. They tend to not be as active as other breeds making them a great choice for families where space is limited.

8. Himalayan cat

Like the Persian and Siamese breeds, the Himalayan is also similar in temperament, with an intelligent nature that makes them very social and wonderful companions.

9. Australian Mist

What Australian list of cat breeds would be complete without our very own homegrown variety – the Australian Mist breed of cat? With an easy to maintain short coat (much like a Burmese) the Australian Mist has been purpose bred to not attack our flora and fauna. With an affectionate nature and great love for their owners, this homegrown cat is the perfect addition to your family.

10. Russian Blue

A gentle and reserved cat, the Russian Blue is as intelligent as it is sensitive and quiet. Its short coat doesn’t require much (if any) grooming. Highly intelligent and reserved, the Russian Blue makes the ideal cat for families with quiet children.

There you have it – the ten most popular breeds of cats registered in Australia. Deciding which breed of cat will be right for you comes down to personality and circumstance, and the only prerequisite is that you have enough room in your home and enough room in your heart to accommodate them.

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