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06 Jan 2015

Dog people vs cat people

There’s now a scientific way to tell cat people from dog people

Think you are more of dog person than a cat person? According to a recent US study it all depends on your personality. The study, conducted at Carroll University in Wisconsin, surveyed 600 university students on their pet preferences, and then looked at a number of other factors to discover what sets dog people apart from cat people.

Take our quiz to find out which kind of person you are

On a rainy day you…

a) Bring the outdoors inside with pillow forts, treasure hunts and games of hide and seek.
b) Look to settle down under the covers with a good book.

At a party you…
a) Get the dance floor started.
b) Turn up late to avoid talking to new people.

A marathon refers to…
a) Something you sign-up for to challenge your fitness levels.
b) 5 hours of back-to-back Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

Which of these words describe you the best?
a) Energetic
b) Sensitive and mysterious

It’s 7am and you are…
a) Awake and ready to greet the day!
b) Still in bed…obviously.


Mostly As

If you answered mostly As congratulations you fall into the majority, with 60 percent of all those surveyed identifying with man’s best friend. You are more extroverted, active and conscientious (rule-abiding) than cat people.

Mostly Bs

If you answered mostly Bs you belong with the 11 percent of people surveyed who identified as cat people. You’re more content spending a lazy afternoon reading a book than socialising with a big group. Cat people are open-minded, expedient and non-conformists.

Twenty nine percent of people surveyed said that they preferred neither cats nor dogs.

Choosing the right pet for you

Whilst a quiz is fun and might indicate which animal you identify more strongly with, it is important to understand that selecting the right pet should suit not only your personality, but also your lifestyle. Whilst dog people, who are likely to be more outgoing, may wish to spend more time outside, that doesn’t mean they have the time required to provide regular exercise for their pet. Similarly, whilst cats may prefer solitude, if you decide on a cat you will still need to be available to provide for your cat’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

It’s important that you not only assess your needs, but also your pet’s needs when choosing which pet you want to have in your home.

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