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26 Apr 2017

Give a dog a home - Woolworths helps canines in need

Every dog has it’s day. And certainly so for the large, friendly dogs of the Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia Inc (AMRAA) dogs on Friday 7th April. Over 100 Woolworths Supermarkets Grocery team members competed in a Corporate Team Challenge in an effort to give back to the community - building 14 kennels for the Woolworths Pet Insurance friends at PetRescue.

Along on the day to accept the newly built kennels was Barbara Trytoko from AMRAA, having travelled with 3 of her fur friends Kodiak, a Woolworths favourite, Arn and Liddy all the way from Mandalong on the Central Coast.


building kennels

“Arctics like spending a lot of time in the outside runs, it allows them to expend a lot of energy while they are waiting for their forever homes. Having the kennels for those runs, provides shelter and some ‘me’ space for when the dogs want a den to ‘chill in’”, she said.

The 14 kennels build will provide some much needed shelter for the variety of dog sizes currently awaiting adoption at High Tails Lodge, Mandalong.

Alaskan Malamutes

AMRAA is a small group of loving volunteers based in Australia with a love for and understanding of Alaskan Malamutes - a speciality breed originating from the colder climates in Alaska. Despite their resemblance to wolves, Malamutes are in fact very friendly and loyal, with an abundance of energy needing to exercise about an hour a day.

Rescue groups like AMRAA are part of PetRescue’s network of over 950 rescue groups, shelters and pounds providing temporary homes for over 9,000 pets each month awaiting permanent rehoming.

Through a recent partnership with Woolworths, PetRescue will receive $10 from each new Pet Insurance policy sold to help fund it’s Matchmaker project; helping rescue pets find the right home, sooner.

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