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03 Jun 2015

Holiday Driving Games for Young Children

Long Road Ahead? 5 Classic Driving Games for Young Players

The journey to your destination is as much a part of the holiday as the pool and spa you’ll spend most of your time in when you get there. So making travelling with young children an enjoyable experience is vital if you want to keep your sanity – and your smiles, intact.

Let’s be honest, driving long distances isn’t always a whole lot of fun. Traffic and constant delays can quickly turn into a pre-holiday nightmare, and the worst part is the tension isn’t always left in the car when you arrive at your destination.

Start your holiday off on the right foot. In the interest of safe driving, good times, and parental sanity, I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of the five best driving and travel games for young children.

1. I Spy – a Classic Driving game

The oldies are always the goodies, and no long drive is complete without a game of ‘I Spy.’ Choose an object at random and ask the kids to guess what it is by only providing the letter or sound it begins with. I’ve got 2 children under 6 and we love playing using the object’s colour, texture, or weight. This allows younger players to take part and without them realising it, even makes it educational fun.

2. Count – on This Game to Pass the Time

One for the whole family and a great way to keep the children distracted for hours at a time is the ‘How Many …’ game. Mum or Dad start by randomly shouting out an object – it can be anything- like a cow, a truck, a white house , and the race is on to see who can count the most. Kids will also love it when they get to choose an object to count.

3. Turn all that questioning into a game

Another classic driving game is 20 Questions. Each person takes turns picking an item at random (does not have to be visible – choose a humpback whale if you like) and then the others have ’20 questions’ to try and guess what it is.

The best part of this game is that the questions: “Are we there yet?” and “Can we stop for Maccas?” cannot possibly provide any insight into what your object is and so aren’t likely to be asked while you’re playing this game.

4. The Alphabet Game

Another fun one for the whole family, the alphabet game provides a great opportunity for learning and interaction that is not available through the App store.

To play, each person simply picks a category (‘movies’ or ‘cars’ for example) and the other ‘players’ have to take turns naming something within that category that starts with A, then B, and so on until the alphabet is exhausted. Have fun with X,Y,Z…

5. Silence is golden

It’s also rare as hen’s teeth so I’m not expecting this game to get much traction, but even if you only get five minutes out of it, you’ll be thanking me profusely.

Trappist Monks is a game where the children see who can go the longest without speaking. Introduce the game by telling the story of the Trappist Monks who take a vow of silence and never speak – and then see who can be the best monk. (Works best when there is more than one child.

When I was a child my mother tricked my brother and I into playing the game for three hours straight, during which time we learnt the entire alphabet in sign language.

Keeping young children entertained in the car may seem hard but trust me, it only gets harder as they get older. Enjoy these family car trips and why not use the time to educate and entertain. It may seem like you are merely passing the time, but looking back you’ll realise it was a lot more than that. So have fun, enjoy your journey – and drive safe.



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