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09 Apr 2019

Interesting facts about dogs

Co-founder and Joint CEO of PetRescue, Vicki Davy, shares some interesting facts about dogs. You’ll definitely want to know these before you bring your new canine home!

Dog fact 1: Dogs LOVE to work for their food

Working for their food keeps a dog’s body and brain busy and happy - so consider skipping the traditional food bowl, and instead use a ‘slow feed’ bowl, puzzle, or food maze at feeding time.

Invest in a strong food bowl and non-tip water bowls for inside and out, so your dog always has access to fresh clean water. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are hygienic and long-lasting.

Dog fact 2: Puppies have magical bed exploding powers!

Your bed choice depends not only on your dog’s size, but also their age. Older dogs need a comfortable but firm surface, puppies love to chew so you'll need a bed that won’t rip easily. 

Dog fact 3: Some harnesses can turn your dog into a super-powered husky

Well, not literally! But not all harnesses are created equal - a ‘front-attach harness’ (where the lead is clipped onto a ring on the chest) helps to prevent dogs pulling, so this is ideal for dogs learning to walk nicely on lead. A harness that attaches with a ring at the back (on the top between the shoulders) encourages pulling - great for a team of huskies, but maybe not so great for regular walkies. 


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Dog fact 4: You can trick your dog into thinking old toys are new

Rotate your dog toys to keep your dog’s interest at its peak. If you have 8-10 toys in total, have 3-4 toys out at a time, and rotate weekly. They will seem like new toys to your dog!

Have some toys to play with when you aren’t there, and toys to play with together! Enrichment toys like treat balls and puzzles are great to keep your new pup or dog happy and busy, especially during times when you aren’t there. Always supervise your pet with new toys to make sure they use them safely, before leaving them alone with it.


5: Dogs misses you while you’re away

If you are heading out for a period of time, it’s a great idea to take your dog for a walk beforehand to tire them out. That way, they are more likely to snooze the day away rather than get into mischief. You can also leave your dog with a treat-dispensing toy, or hide some treats around your home/yard for a delicious game of hide-and-seek.

Spending quality time with your new pooch both inside and outside will help your dog feel happy and secure in ALL parts of their wonderful new home. And, putting the radio on can have a really calming effect for dogs that worry when you are away.

"Year-on-year, we see around 25% growth in traffic to the PetRescue website. That’s cool from a tech-nerd point of view. But what it really means is that there’s an ever-increasing number of potential adopters viewing the pets listed for adoption, giving our members even more opportunities to rehome the pets in their care."

- John Bishop, Co-Founder & Joint CEO of PetRescue.

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