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Travel Insurance

05 Apr 2015

Making regular travel easier

If you’re on the move regularly, you’ll know that being organised is key. It’s essential for keeping your sanity intact and not wasting precious time.

For starters, don’t do things separately for each trip if you can do one task in bulk ahead of time. Things like travel insurance can be taken care of for a year with Woolworths Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance. Here are some other tips for making regular travel easier:


1. Make sure your carry-on baggage is organised

Make sure you’re well equipped with your carry-on baggage, from the bag itself to its contents. Everything you need on board with you should be easily accessible and organised so you know where things are and can grab them easily before and during the flight. You also need to make yourself familiar with the airline’s rules – which should be easy if you’re travelling the same or similar airlines each time – and make sure your bags fall within the weight limits and safety regulations.

2. Keep your essentials packed

Things like your toiletry bag can be kept packed and ready, to save you forgetting basic necessities. This in turn will make each trip a little more relaxed, saving you from dashing out to find deodorant or a toothbrush when you could be calmly checking in to your hotel. Simply buy a second lot of everything you need in your toiletries bag, as well as things like a phone charger, and always have it ready.

3. Create a reusable checklist

If each trip you take requires a similar set of luggage to be packed, create a checklist. You can use this checklist each time you’re packing, making sure you don’t forget anything, and making it easier to get through the packing process quickly. This is a simple way to avoid that stressful feeling that you’ve forgotten something.

4. Travel as lightly as possible

Try not to over pack, as doing this each time is going to become frustrating and create heavier loads to carry around. One way to pack lightly is to plan an outfit for each day or occasion and pack nothing more (in terms of clothing) than those specific ensembles.

5. Plan the plane trip

Ask yourself questions such as: What works for you in preventing jetlag?, How is your time on planes best spent? What do you need to do to feel refreshed when you arrive? Getting to know how best to spend that time will set the tone for the rest of your trip.

Lastly, enjoy the benefits of regular travel.


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