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Travel Insurance

11 May 2015

Travel Advice for Australian Families

Why travel with kids?

Most people will tell you that travelling with children can be difficult and more stressful than simply staying at home during the holidays. But travelling with kids can be one of the best things you can do as a family.

Together, you can see and learn about new places and cultures as well as escape the daily routine you face at home. While children can be unpredictable, they are also adaptive and once they get used to going on regular trips you’ll have no trouble getting them excited for the next one.

Figure out your travel style

Camping is a good way for the family to enjoy the great outdoors, and it’s also one of the cheapest ways to experience the world but it’s not everyone’s style. If you are looking for a cheaper way to bunk, look into caravan parks, which are very popular particularly in Australia.

You don’t have to board a plane and jet off to a foreign country, you can stay in Australia and even travel within your own state if you prefer. Some families may prefer to visit popular theme parks while others enjoy a quiet weekend getaway by the beach.

By car or by plane?

Whether you’re thinking about a road trip or a destination further away, preparing for either can be a challenge. Road trips are simpler to take care of and offer more flexibility in terms of when you can stop, how often and where. But a short plane trip may be more convenient – it’s really about knowing your child.

Generally, children will be more difficult when they’re bored, tired, hungry or all of these. If they’re happy they’re less likely to be restless, so however you travel be sure to pack some games, snacks and drinks to help them pass the time and make the family holiday enjoyable for everyone.

Once you arrive, explore your destination together and start creating your own family adventures!

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