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We all hope for happy lives, homes, travels and pets and that there’s never a need to make a claim. But accidents and mishaps can happen, when you least expect it. We’re here when you need us most, so you can lodge a claim with our Claims Team 24/7.

If you find yourself involved in an incident and need to make a claim, we’ve made it simple for you to know what to do and understand how our insurance claim process works

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How we make your insurance claim easy

  • Online claims for Car, Home, Landlords, Pet and Travel Insurance
  • Claims lodgement 24/7
  • Emergency international travel assistance
  • Emergency Car, Home and Landlords claim assistance
  • Fast track glass-only claims process

What to do after an accident or incident

We want you to be safe. We have provided a guide to help you be prepared, if the worst occurs. It will also ensure you’re ready if you ever need to make an insurance claim later.

1. Be safe
Focus on the safety of you, your family and others first. Move away from danger, or go to a secure location if you can and need to.

2. Call help
If anyone is injured or for serious incidents, phone 000 for emergency services within Australia. Obtain a police or fire brigade event number when it’s available.

3. Take details
Note down relevant information about the scene and anyone involved, along with information from any witnesses.

4. Get it documented
Take photos where the event occurred, including any items affected or injuries relevant to a future claim.

5. Contact us
We can arrange travel assistance, temporary accommodation, car hire, tow your vehicle and more, if it’s urgent and you’re covered.

Insurance claim checklist

Here’s a handy rundown of basic information you need to have ready if you would like to lodge a claim:

  • Your personal details and policy number
  • Personal details of any other relevant people involved, or witnesses
  • Incident details including when, where and what took place
  • Photos of the scene and damage to any property or items
  • Police event number or report, if applicable

Insurance claims process FAQs

When should I claim?

Tell us as soon as possible, after collecting details and documenting the event. That way, our Claims Management Team can help get you back to your normal life quicker.

When do I share photos or the police report of an accident, to support my claim?

We've made it quick and easy for you to make a claim and provide all the supporting information online. But don’t worry if you don’t have everything you need when you start. You can always get your claim underway and send anything remaining later.

What happens after I lodge a claim?

An expert will assess your damages, quotes or bills. If we approve your claim, we may repair or replace your property, or pay reasonable costs owing to you or others involved.

Lastly, we may recover any costs from any other people at fault, so you don’t have to. Then we close your claim... and you can return to normality!

Are you fully covered?

If something goes wrong, it’s the last thing you want to worry about. Check your insurance cover and optional benefits. If any additional extras are not yet included in your Car, Home, Landlords, Pet, CTP Green Slip, Life or Funeral Insurance policy, contact us to see if we can add these benefits today.

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Need emergency services?

If you're in Australia, call the emergency services on 000

In case of a travel emergency, call us on +61 2 8883 7079

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