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Who am I?

Beagles are extremely popular family dogs due to their good looks, caring nature and affinity with children.

Beagles are cute, compact and athletic with a soulful expression. Descended from long lines of English hunting hounds, the modern Beagle emerged in the 18th Century. It was bred to hunt hares by tracking their scent.

The Beagle’s keen sense of smell is often put to work in roles such as quarantine detection.

Though originally bred in English, Beagles have become hugely popular in America. Snoopy the cartoon character is a Beagle.

Adult Beagles are around 35-40 centimetres high and weigh about 12 kilograms. They have short coats that are usually tri coloured (black, tan and white). Expect your Beagle to live 12 to 15 years.

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Who am I likely to live with?

Often described in breed standards as “merry”, Beagles are faithful companions that fit easily into family life.

They are very tolerant and patient with kids, including little ones.

Beagles require a reasonable amount of exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. Secure fencing is necessary because once a Beagle catches a scent, its instinct is to follow it.

Similarly, they can be difficult to call back once they are fixated on a scent, so it’s best to keep them on the lead.

Under-stimulated or lonely Beagles can be prone to barking and other behavioural problems so be prepared to put in the time to exercise your dog.

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What attention do I need from you?

You’ll need to invest at least 30 minutes a day providing active exercise for your Beagle.

The Beagle also needs training and socialisation from early on. They want to please, but need a firm, consistent approach. Without this, Beagles can be difficult to house train and develop annoying barking habits.

Beagles are very food-oriented and skillful at stealing extra snacks (including yours). This tendency will require active management to avoid your dog becoming overweight and causing general chaos.

Beagles are very social and can’t really be left alone for long periods. They can also howl.

Grooming a Beagle is straightforward – a quick brush is all it takes.

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How do you keep me healthy?

Beagles are generally a hardy breed but can suffer from a few health ailments.

Obesity can be an issue. It is important to feed Beagles correctly and ensure they get plenty of exercise.

Other general medical issues include epilepsy, allergies, back problems, hip dysplasia and eye complaints.

As with all dogs, it is advisable to check the temperament and medical history of a puppy's parents before you commit.

Beagles need a quality meal twice a day.

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