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Highly intelligent, friendly

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Exercise needs

Very High

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Active people with time to invest in exercise and training

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Who am I?

Celebrated for their intelligence and athleticism, Borders Collies are good-looking dogs that are bred to work for you. 

They were developed to gather and control sheep on the border of England and Scotland hundreds of years ago. One of the first dog breeds to enter Australia, Border Collies still excel in this work today. 

A medium-sized dog, the Border Collie reaches a final height of around 50 centimetres and weighs around 20 kilograms. Coats are most often black and white, but can also be blue and white, chocolate and white, red and white, blue merle and the tri-colour black, or tan and white.

They live for 10 to 15 years on average.

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Who am I likely to live with?

These dogs are not couch potatoes. Border Collies are a working breed, and choosing one as your pet requires a serious commitment of time and energy. Without significant amounts of physical exercise and mental stimulation, your Border Collie may become hyperactive and drive you crazy with challenging behaviour.

The most common irritations are barking and destructive chewing. Shrewd Border Collies can also be talented escape artists.

These are smart dogs and their owners need to stay one step ahead. Usually the time commitment means Border Collies are unsuitable for families with young children.

However, if you are able to invest energy, care and training into your Border Collie, it could blossom into an amazing companion.

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What attention do I need from you?

Be prepared to take charge of your dog and provide it with at least two 45-minute walks a day plus mental stimulation.  

Leaving border collies for long periods in a standard backyard is not recommended – they are highly social and thrive on being part of the family. Experts recommend Border Collies begin training early to keep their minds active.  

Agility training is one of the best ways to exercise and stimulate this breed. While many Border Collies are simply beloved family pets, doggie competitions such as agility, obedience and flyball can be a great way to keep them occupied.

Border Collies have a double coat that can be short or medium in length. Expect to brush the coat two or three times a week to remove dead hair and keep shedding to a minimum. This can be a great bonding experience. Otherwise, just keep your Border Collie’s ears clean and bathe it if it gets dirty.

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How do you keep me healthy?

Border Collies are a reasonably healthy breed. However, as they age they could develop hip dysplasia and deteriorating eyesight. Minimise the risk of health problems by checking the temperament and medical history of your puppy’s parents.

It’s best to feed your Border Collie twice a day. Like all dogs, they can put on weight if fed too much and this can negatively affect their health.

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