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Exercise needs


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Active families with plenty of space

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Who am I?

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs in the world.

Blessed with a calm and friendly nature, golden retrievers were originally bred to fetch game from waterways for game shooters in the United Kingdom in the 1880s. They are patient, water-loving dogs that are relatively easy to train and make great companions.

Golden Retrievers are large, active dogs. Adults reach around 55 centimetres and weigh 30 kilograms (often more). They have long coats in shades of gold and cream.

An average lifespan is 11 to 12 years.

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Who am I likely to live with?

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, eager companions. Their fabulous nature is a major draw card, but in reality they are also big dogs. You need to be sure you have space and energy to exercise one.

As a retriever, a game of fetch is always a winner. Their retrieving instinct means you should expect some degree of oral fixation. Golden Retrievers love having their own toys to move around the house. And they relish a swim.

Golden Retrievers’ mellow nature means they are great with kids. They’re community minded – happy to have more than one master, meet new people and fit in with other pets.

However, their coats do shed. A lot.

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What attention do I need from you?

An hour of exercise a day is ideal to maintain your Golden Retriever’s good humour.

As Golden Retrievers are naturally good-natured dogs, harsh training is not necessary. Golden Retrievers enjoy upbeat, consistent training. They are intelligent and learn quickly.

Wonderfully natured as they may be, your Golden Retriever puppy will grow into a big dog so it pays to teach good basic manners early.

A Golden Retriever is a social animal and can become destructive if left alone for too long.

Their coats require upkeep – a daily brush is recommended. 

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How do you keep me healthy?

Golden Retrievers are known to suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia as well as degenerative eye conditions. Carefully check the health of your puppy’s parents to make sure you are getting a healthy dog.

Young Golden Retriever puppies can grow quickly. If exercised too vigorously before their bones are strong enough to bear their weight, this can lead to bone problems and lameness.

Their floppy ears need to be checked regularly as they can be prone to infection.

Golden Retrievers can be very greedy and prone to obesity. Limit their food intake to dedicated feeding times and take away any left overs until their next feed.

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