Dog Insurance - Cover from tail to paw 

Give your dog or puppy the health care they deserve. Naturally curious and cheeky, dogs can get into sticky situations that might end with a costly trip to the vet.

Woolworths Pet Insurance will protect your pet against unexpected veterinary bills for illnesses (excluding pre-existing conditions) and accidents, allowing pet parents to give their furry family member the best health care possible. At Woolworths, we understand that every dog and family budget is unique. That’s why we provide three cover options, offering you the flexibility to choose the right level of lifetime cover for your pet - from as young as 8 weeks old. And remember, we are Australia’s best value insurance - we beat any comparable quote.^

  • Basic

    Accidental Injury + Illness cover

    Up to $5,000 annual benefit limit

    Emergency boarding, up to $500

  • Paralysis tick, up to $1,000

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  • Standard

    Accidental Injury + Illness cover

    Up to $10,000 annual benefit limit

    Emergency boarding, up to $500

  • Paralysis tick, up to $1,000

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  • Comprehensive

    Accidental Injury, Illness cover
    and routine care

    Up to $12,000 annual benefit limit

    Emergency boarding - up to $1,200

    Paralysis tick up to $1,500

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Is Pet Insurance worth it?

Bella loves to race in and out of her doggy door countless times a day, however one day she caught her leg on the door. To get Bella back on her paws, the vet trip could cost her humans $2000.

With Woolworths Comprehensive Pet Insurance, not only can Bella go through her preferred vet or any emergency hospital, her humans could also claim back up to 80% of the eligible vet bill.* Because no matter how much you love them, you can't always protect them from accidents.

Injury Total vet cost: What you could claim back#
Broken limb $2,000 $1,600

Woolworths Pet Insurance

We’ve got them covered for life.

Because they’re worth it.

Accidental injury 

Covering your pet for accidental injury means you may be able to claim for physical injuries caused by accident such as a broken bone, an insect bite or wounds due to accidents.


Unexpected illness can affect your dog or puppy's normal level of health, whether they are indoors or outdoors, and may mean a visit to the vet. An example could be tick paralysis.

Routine care

Our routine care option is only offered with our Comprehensive cover. It's another way we add value to your policy, helping you take care of your beloved pup.

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A new friend for your family?

If you're thinking about getting a dog, check out our Dog Breed Guide. You'll find useful information about some of the most popular breeds, including temperament, how much to feed them and common health issues to be aware of prior to choosing your perfect four legged addition to your family. 

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Border Collie

Subject to cover limits and excesses. Costs are indicative and used as an example only.

Limits and excess may apply.

Price Promise a. only available if a Woolworths Pet Insurance policy is purchased by 30 June 2019 b. only applies to competitor products available as at 1 January 2019 that at least cover up to 80% back on eligible vet bills and have a similar excess c. does not apply to quoted renewals, variations, free insurance offers, or quotes that include discounts for other products purchased d. only available if the quote is genuine – written proof of quote may be required. Please note covers provided by insurers will vary.

Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions including the limits and exclusions of the insurance policy. Cover is issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78 090 584 473 AFSL No. 241436 (Hollard). Woolworths Group Limited ABN 88 000 014 675 AR No. 245476 (Woolworths) acts as Hollard’s Authorised Representative. Any advice provided is general only and may not be right for you. Before you purchase this product you should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement to decide if it is right for you. Any general advice provided by Dr Harry Cooper in relation to Woolworths Pet Insurance is provided as an Authorised Representative of Hollard through an arrangement with Woolworths AR No. 1000933