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{{pet.petName}}'s cover details Edit

{{pet.petName}}'s cover details Edit

  • Dog


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  • Male


  • Yes



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  • {{tokenDetails.quotePets[0].regularVetName}}

Premium summary Edit

  • ${{tokenDetails.validationData.totalAnnualPremium | currency:""}}

  • ${{pet.premium.totalBasePremium | currency:""}}

  • ${{pet.premium.totalBasePremium | currency:""}}

  • ${{pet.premium.totalBasePremium | currency:""}}

  • ${{tokenDetails.validationData.totalBasePremium | currency:""}}

  • ${{tokenDetails.validationData.totalBasePremium | currency:""}}

  • ${{tokenDetails.validationData.totalBasePremium | currency:""}}

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Please note: Due to rounding your first premium amount is slightly higher with remaining instalments being a consistent amount.


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^ Price Promise (a) only available if a Woolworths Pet Insurance policy is purchased by 31 December 2018 (b) only applies to competitor products available as at 1 January 2018 that at least cover up to 80% back on eligible vet bills and have a similar excess (c) does not apply to quoted renewals, variations, free insurance offers, or quotes that include discounts for other products purchased (d) only available if the quote is genuine – written proof of quote may be required. Please note covers provided by insurers will vary.