Emergency Roadside Assistance

If you don't have a Roadside Assist membership but need immediate assistance, you can purchase the Emergency Roadside Assist membership online, or phone us on 1800 225 405. We'll help you get back on the road as quickly as possible

What to do if you need emergency roadside assistance

Call 1800 225 405 & select
Option 4

Move your car safely to the roadside and put your hazard lights on. Call us for 24/7 roadside assistance nationwide and tell us what assistance you require.

Our team will reach you

Have these details ready when you call

  • Car registration number
  • Description of your car
  • Breakdown location
  • Car VIN number
    (What's this?)

Stay with your vehicle

Decide if it’s safest to wait for us inside your vehicle (with seatbelts on) or outside nearby. If you’re in danger from oncoming traffic or it’s unsafe to remain with your car, let the operator know when you call.

Call Woolworths Roadside Assist for:

Free towing up to 20kms^

Battery restart or replacement+

Key recovery

Tyre change

Urgent fuel replacement>

Minor breakdown repairs**

Buy Roadside Assist before your car breaks down for only $99

Tips for when you're back on the road

Put a roadside assistance kit inside your car

It should include items like an empty petrol can, motor oil, jumper leads, reflectors, flashlight and common repair tools for future minor roadside emergencies. It’s also a good idea to keep your car model’s manual handy, as well as bottled water and a first-aid kit.


Keep a spare key, tyre and battery

Keep a spare key or key fob in a safe place or with someone you trust in case it gets misplaced. The same goes for tyres and batteries - if you have a spare in your car, you won’t have to buy replacements if something goes wrong.


Maintain your car regularly

Look after your vehicle to reduce your chance of needing roadside assistance. Get scheduled services when they’re due, plus check all fluids and filters routinely and change them when needed. Also monitor tyre pressure and tyre treads and replace worn tyres.


Frequently asked questions

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How long does it usually take for a mechanic or locksmith to arrive?

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Are there any areas in Australia where can’t get roadside help?

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^ Free towing to your preferred accredited repairer up to 20km. If no towing is available within 20km, we will tow to the nearest accredited repairer up to 100km. Conditions apply. Please refer to the Roadside Assist Terms and Conditions.

+ If your battery is flat we arrange for a jump start or coordinate a replacement battery if required. We do not cover the cost of the replacement battery but we can arrange the supply as part of our service.

> If you drive an LPG fuelled vehicle, we will arrange for the towing of your vehicle to the nearest petrol station. The delivery is free, and the maximum value of fuel provided is $10.

** The cost of repairs, including labour and any required parts, will be your responsibility.

Woolworths Roadside Assist services and support are provided by our Allied Service Provider -Digicall Pty Ltd (ABN 92 152 605 340). This includes roadside assistance as an optional service product to your Woolworths Insurance Comprehensive Car policy or as a standalone product. Benefits and eligibility for coverage is subject to the Roadside Assist terms and conditions including the limits and exclusions. Before you purchase the product you should carefully read the Roadside Assist Terms and Conditions to decide if this product is right for you.